by Jamie Holland

What is Kentico and why does Keystone use it?

Kentico CMS is the content management system we use at Keystone to manage 99% of the websites we create. But what is a content management system? And why Kentico CMS?

According to encyclopedia-like Wikipedia, a content management system (CMS) "is a computer application that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface."

We picked Kentico CMS - out of scores of competitors - based on some factors:

  • Platform. A CMS (computer application) is built on a 'platform' which consists of an operating system (Windows, Linux.) We're different than most website design firms in that half of Keystone's staff are IT consultants specializing in managing Microsoft Windows-based servers and networks. So our obvious choice of platform is Microsoft Windows. Kentico CMS runs on the Microsoft.NET platform.
  • Company. Does this vendor have the vision, products, and services that match our outlook and philosophy in business? When we need, will they be around to support what they sell? With Kentico CMS, that answer is absolutely, yes.
  • Flexibility. Does this CMS give us the power to solve the problems our customer's experience? Will it scale for future needs? Can we build add-ons to the core system without difficulty? Will our clients be able to operate the CMS easily? Kentico CMS:  yes, yes, yes, yes.
  • Product. Does this CMS require constant maintenance and support? Is it going to work when we expect it to work? We prefer to spend money once to save time (which is productivity - money!) during the product life cycle. Free isn't free if it sucks up all your time trying to make it do what it should do out of the box. Check, Kentico CMS.
  • Design. Does this CMS enable us to implement any design and is the product designed well? Does it give us the tools to manage the technical aspects of design? Kentico CMS is that product.

In the next installment in the Kentico CMS series, we'll address how Kentico CMS is different than its competitors in those five areas.