Our Favorite Apps

At Keystone, we’re not afraid of trying something new. This is how we discover trends, tools, and stay on our path to “Make it Better.” Here are some of our favorite mobile apps that we’ve discovered, and what we use them for.



Live radio broadcasts, in-game highlights, video content, and more.
“It’s pretty bold that the Predators (with the NHL app) are going all digital with tickets this year. I’ve used it to keep up with Preds and NHL news all summer.” – Eric Jackson

Organic Fitness Factory

Plan and schedule classes; view ongoing promotions.
“If you are a woman in the Sumner County area, register for a class and come work out with me.” – Kathryn Good


Maps and tracks rides with your phone’s GPS system. Perfect for Brett, who has recently become a triathlete.
“Since I always carry my phone for emergencies, it is nice not having a separate device to track the rides.” – Brett Scott

Team App

Keep up with sports teams- everything from schedules, to snacks, to chatting with other parents.

“I have 3 kids – all on some sort of sports team throughout the year. Crazy, I know!… Very easy to use and FREE! If your coach doesn’t have a great way to organize all of his/her communication to you – recommend this app. I promise you won’t be disappointed. My favorite is the “subscribe to calendar” feature that will add all calendar/event entries to your iCloud Calendar. The push notifications are also key to keeping on top of everything. There is a life-saving chat feature so that you can talk with other team parents to find a ride for your child or even find a missing jersey . . . not that my kids misplace anything ever. Let’s just say I use the chat feature a lot. I currently have 7 different teams on TeamApp. It definitely makes the sports life more manageable.” – Gretchen Owens


Works for baseball, softball, and volleyball. The app is used by some of the most elite teams across the country and gives you an in-game experience from afar.

“My little brother is an astoundingly good baseball player (I might be a little biased, but not that much) and I love watching him play. If you know anything about the sport of baseball, it involves A LOT of travel, and I can’t be present for every game/tournament. GameChanger allows me to watch the game live plus see his stats. As the supporter of a pitcher, this is awesome to see his pitch count, strikes, etc.” – Taylor Veal



Gives information and analysis of wi-fi strength and location
“It gives a quick view and information on wireless access points; it helps in initial identification and troubleshooting of wireless networks” – Brett Scott


Put simply, a secure password manager and storage space. We use LastPass as an office, as we have thousands of client passwords to take care of.
“Don’t remember passwords; it’s not smart. LastPass helps you create and store secure passwords for all the mission-critical logins in your life.” – Eric Jackson



Find your favorite beers around you and earn badges when you check in.
“I’m a big fan craft beer, and I’m also a big fan of the Untappd app. It lets me keep track of and rate new beers that I try. I can also check a beer’s rating before I buy it, and there’s a social component, so if my beer connoisseur friends have tried a beer, I can see how they’ve rated it.” – Jason Torrence


There are many podcast apps out there, but we’ve got 2 votes that Overcast is the best. We recommend it when listening to Stupid + Contagious.
“I’ve tried a bunch of podcast apps, but this one rocks them all.” – Kathryn Good

THE best podcast app there is for the iPhone.” – Eric Jackson               


We discuss the Enneagram on a pretty regular basis, this app is for all of you who love it like we do.
“Feeds my obsession with the enneagram.” – Kathryn Good


A guided meditation app that can help you get out of your own head.
“It coaches you on how to simply create “space” in your “head”. In 2015, when my brother passed away unexpectedly of heart failure I needed something to help me with calming my anxiety. Headspace was recommended to me and was indeed the answer! The Headspace Basics pack starts you off with a 10-day beginner course of 10-minute sessions each day – it is a lifesaver. Everyone has 10 minutes a day to spare and I promise Headspace is a great way to spend 10 minutes. It also includes “minis” for when you need a quick breather, but don’t have 10 minutes to spare. I can’t recommend Headspace enough.” – Gretchen Owens



An upgrade to the standard Maps for navigation.
“As a Nashvillian, I use it even when I know where I’m going…because traffic.” – Eric Jackson


Mint, from the well-known company Intuit, allows users to create budgets, track spending, and even pay bills.
“As a new wife, I’m really learning how to stick to a monthly budget. Mint helps me keep track of my spending and has helped me successfully save more than I thought I could! Super easy to use because it connects to your bank account so your transactions automatically load instead of having to manually input the information.” – Taylor Veal

Our Groceries

The simple concept of a grocery list, made even simpler in an app.
“Truthfully, I’m a lover of all lists, so I’m pretty picky about apps that claim to make a list better. This one is awesome. Our Groceries allows you to categorize your groceries so that you can just make one zip through the store instead of wandering around a million times. Also can save multiple lists in case you’re going to different locations.” – Taylor Veal


This messaging app has remained one of the most popular for the past several years.
“How I communicate with me favorite peeps.” – Kathryn Good



It’s safe to say Amazon has taken over the online market. The app is user-friendly for shopping on the go.
“Pretty much the only store I frequent these days besides Aldi and Publix.” – Kathryn Good


Allows users to find some great goods close by.
“Great for previewing estate sales and showing you maps of sales that are close by.” – Jamie Holland

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