Using OneDrive for Your Business

Keystone is a big fan of Office365 due to its mobility, versatility, and usability. OneDrive is a significant feature of Office365 that enhances its capabilities for large and small businesses alike. If you are not familiar with OneDrive, here are a few of its benefits:

File Access

Perhaps the biggest component and benefit of OneDrive is that it operates in the ever-elusive “cloud.” This means that you can log into your account on any device to gain access to your files. As a marketing and technology company, this is great for us. We do a large amount of remote work and files saved in OneDrive make the transition from office to home seamless.

Office Online

Another easy transition tool is the ability to use Office Online, free of charge, on any device. Though not perfect for everyday use, it’s pretty handy for editing documents on-the-go. This function also allows real-time editing with others who may not have Microsoft Office installed on a computer. If you have internet and a browser, you’re good to go.

File Synchronization on OneDrive

It’s pretty easy to find some sort of internet access these days, even while traveling. But what if you start out with Wi-Fi signal and then end up in Nowheresville without internet? Fortunately for you, OneDrive saves a local copy of the files or folders to your computer, so you have access to these crucial documents offline. Once Wi-Fi access is re-established, your changes will be uploaded to the cloud. Nifty, right?


We’re always talking about security around here it seems, but it’s an important topic. When using OneDrive for collaboration purposes, Microsoft knows that you could be transmitting sensitive data. Fortunately, encryption at a disk and file level keeps your communication secure. There are several settings that can be changed when sending documents, such as using the “view-only” mode.

onedrive for business

OneDrive makes work easy for collaboration, working remotely, and on-the-go. If you aren’t using your Office365 to its full potential by taking advantage of OneDrive, now is the time to start! If you have any questions, we’re happy to help.


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