Office 365 Scam Detected

As a company, by and large, we recommend Office 365 to our clients. Office 365 allows you to do business anywhere that you can connect to the web and grows with your business with a per-user license. However, as with any large technology capability these days, there will always be the bad guys who try to steal our joy. Office 365 spam has hit. Yes, the first email scam has been detected that is directly targeting Office 365 users.

Victims receive an email that appears to be from Office 365 admins who are requesting account information. The email contains a link which takes users to a non-Microsoft site, and a screen that is meant to resemble the Outlook login screen gathers their credentials. If you are an Office 365 user and receive one of these messages, do not click links, enter information, pass GO or collect $200.

While it is unfortunate that Exchange Online Protection did not detect this scam, it is not something to pitch in the Office 365 towel about. As with any scam, quick research and taking extra precaution can prevent a lot of headaches and potential identity and information theft. If you think something looks or sounds suspicious, 99% of the time it is.

We don’t want you to worry about Office 365 spam or any other IT issues. If you’re wondering more about Office 365 or protecting your information, we have IT gurus for that. Give us a call.

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